Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is my salary enough to live on and still save money?

The typical cost of living in China is almost one-tenth of that found in the United States. The cost of living in Taiwan is a little higher than the average Asian country, but still lower than the United States. As a teacher in China or Taiwan, you are making about 5 times more than an average businessman without any of the overhead. See our About China or About Taiwan pages for more information.

2. What is the cost of living like in China and Taiwan?

To learn more about China and Taiwan including their respective cost of living, please visit our About China and About Taiwan pages.

3. How many hours per week will I be working?

All our contracts with the schools provide 20-25 hours of work per week, leaving time for your personal leisure.

4. I have little or no teaching experience, will you still hire me?

Although prior teaching experience is helpful, it is definitely not required. Whether or not you have teaching experience, we require each teacher to go through our training sessions. The amount of time in the training sessions depends entirely upon your understanding of the materials and our standards. The quicker you pass off the information, the less time you will be trained.

5. What kind of training will I get before leaving to teach?

Our training session will train you upon: teaching skills, culture, basic Chinese language, and teaching professionalism. You will also be trained upon our standards of excellence and quality. Monthly personal training sessions will be conducted after you arrive at your teaching destination based upon your evaluations to work on the areas in most need of improvement. At Discover Language, we want you as teachers to acquire all the teaching skills you can while working with us. We want you to have fun and enjoy your time overseas, but keeping the same quality standards Discover Language is known for.

6. What if I cannot afford to pay my airfare?

It is ok if you cannot come up with the money right away. We have a fundraising packet that can give you some ideas on how to raise money for this trip. If you still cannot come up with all the money, contact us and we will try to work something out with you. We want everyone to have this opportunity to experience life overseas and the joy felt in service.

7. Why do I need travel insurance?

1. You could lose money you've invested for your trip if you have to cancel because of sickness injury or death of you, family member, travelling companion or a family member of a travelling companion. Also if bad weather conditions cause delay or cancellation of your trip.
2. The airline, cruise line or tour operator with which you're scheduled to travel goes into bankruptcy or goes on strike leaving you with no option but to cancel your trip with no recourse for reimbursement.
3. You may have to cut your trip short and return home for an emergency such as an unexpected illness or death in the family forcing you to lose the remaining pre-paid portion of your trip and pay a ticket change fee for your return travel arrangements.
4. Your luggage could be lost or delayed or stolen, forcing you to purchase additional clothes, essentials or even prescription medications.
5. Most major health plans in the U.S. offer little or no medical expense protection outside the U.S. (Medicare and Medicaid provide no coverage outside of the U.S.)
6. Due to an accident a sudden illness, you or a family member may require emergency medical evacuation while traveling. Over 70 percent of U.S. health plans, including HMOs and PPOs will not cover emergency medical evacuations.
7. You could run into major travel delays forcing you to miss a portion of your trip or cruise and be forced to pay additional lodging expenses while you wait.
8. You could be forced to evacuate your resort due to a hurricane or other weather conditions, cutting your trip short with no recourse for reimbursement for the remaining portion of your vacation.
9. You could lose your important travel documents stranding you while traveling abroad.
10. You could be involved in an accident with your rental car and be responsible for thousands of dollars in damages.

8. Where can I get information about purchasing travel insurance?

Visit our Links page for websites selling travel insurance

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