English Teachers: Because of the different contract we have with each school, salary is not defined. However, we can guarantee the wages you will received are highly competitive in comparison to other programs in China and Taiwan. When you are hired, we will specify the school and wages you will receive from that school.

Summer Camp Volunteers: We provide each volunteer a weekly allowance to use while they are at the summer camp. The allowance is up to $200USD/week.


English Teachers:
1. Completed contract bonus*
2. Paid Leave
3. Holiday bonuses*
4. Free airport pickup
5. Housing or housing allowances
6. Monthly Training
7. Discover Language Representative to help in interpreting and other needs
8. And much more...

* Bonuses are given so long as Discover Language L.L.C. is operating normally and profitably. If for any reason Discover Language L.L.C. is not able to pay in full, every effort shall be made to pay at least a portion.

Summer Camp Volunteers:
Housing? YES!
Food? YES!
Transportation? YES!
Weekends off? YES!
Weekly Allowance? YES! Up to $200 per week!

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